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Grand Opening

Welcome to Alice’s Restaurant (dot net).   This site has been a long time in creation, and has had a couple false-starts.   But now it’s back, with a fresh look and a fresh set of ideas. Memories We’ll be doing a few things here.   The first is to simply share recipes from our
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Alice's Restaurant is a places to share old recipes, budget meals, tips and tricks. The airwaves and internet are full of experts showing people how they're "supposed to" do things. This site is here to share how the common people do it.
Alice Elser was the owner of Alice's Restaurant on the shores of Lake Wisconsin. Her Friday Fish Fry and half-pound hamburgers were a cornerstone of the local community. Fishermen, Farmers, and Flatlanders all knew her and her wonderful food.

Alice was a great influence in the lives of many teens who got their first jobs bussing tables and washing dishes for her. She was stern, but fair, and those who got past her imposing exterior found a wonderful woman who had so much to teach us all.


Fried Saurkraut

Backstory I learned this from my mother, who used to make it for us as a treat.  She, I assume, learned it from her German mother.   It’s a hearty side dish, but we would often eat it as a meal on its own.   It’s part of what I call “Depression food”–or cheap, simple meals that came
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Something to Start With?

This is just a little taste-test to make sure everything is working correctly.   Down this side of the page you’ll see the 6 most recent additions to the menu–from all categories.   The Menu List at the top of the page will give you links to each section–Appetizers, Entrees, Sides, Desserts, and Snacks.


20140701_104825 A Place for Small Ideas

There are a lot of little things you pick up over the years.  To many of us, they become second-nature.  We don’t think about the fact that others might not know these little tips.   So… all the little things can go here. For example:  Don’t have a set of measuring spoons?   Cup the
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College Kitchen

College Kitchen: Basic Tools

Hello, and welcome to the College Kitchen. To start off, you’re going to need some basic implements and staples.   It’s not very much, but if you’re going to be cooking, you need the tools to do it.   None of these need to be fancy or expensive.   You can pick them up at
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Enjoy the Summer

It’s summer time and classes have only recently let out.  So… Nothing here just yet.   We’ll get to working on that in the weeks to come, so that there will be a good backlog of posts when you finally have to trudge back to campus. In the meantime, enjoy the summer.


What to Expect

Another quick starter post. There will, from time to time, be things to talk about other than recipes.   This is where you’ll find those comments.   They may be just informational, or they might stir up some debate.